b e c o m i n g    a


Well, technically, I became a 'forz' of nature the day I married my husband. The play on my name is fun and unique to me - given I'd really consider any powerful, imaginative woman to be a FORCE of nature. Thus, my blog is born.

My love affair with writing started in my early undergrad years in the form of young adult fiction and shared through the highly engaging app - Wattpad. IYKYK. Now after a nearly four year hiatus, I've grown to know myself better. Specifically, my interests and where they lie: home decor and DIYs, exploring the world and the great outdoors, building a startup and freelance writing with my driving force (or forz) in the center - my family.

As I've practiced these things that bring me joy, I've learned a lot along the way and realized it'd be a shame to keep all those goodies locked up for me alone! My hope for this blog is not only to document certain events throughout my life for me to personally refer back to, but also to bring joy and new knowledge to you like-minded folks on the daily.



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