4 Pregnancy Purchases I'd Buy Again

The very first thing on your mind when you find out your pregnant shouldn't be, "What do I have to buy?" But, generally it is. I went through a lot of trial and error during my pregnancy. I bought things that worked, and so many things that were a waste of money. After about month six (late - I know), I was finally using items regularly that I LOVE and would buy over and over again. My hope is that this post will save your time AND money! Unfortunately I didn't know I'd be blogging about these things when I was pregnant. Instead of providing photos for you, I've provided links to these babies.

Blanqi Leggings

You wouldn't believe the amount of maternity leggings I went through before I found these gems. They compress and support in all the right places. I bought one in the over belly and one in the hip support - and rotated between the two. I literally didn't want to wear anything else. Also if you're a bike shorts kinda gal - they've got short length versions!

Bella Band

If I had found the Bella Band sooner, I would have saved so much money on maternity clothing. This little guy makes all of your current pants last throughout your entire pregnancy! I loved that I could wear my favorite denim pieces with the bump.


Okay, so I know oils and lotions don't technically save you from stretch marks (it's mostly genetics) but it doesn't hurt to use them! This oil specifically made me at least feel like it was doing WERK. I put it on before bed every night and woke up to silky smooth skin. Even now, post pregnancy, my skin seems to have reaped the benefits.

Pregnancy Pillow

Saving the best for last because my pregnancy pillow made my life so much easier. Luckily, I found and invested in this earlier in my pregnancy, and have benefited from it even far after my pregnancy. I personally had issues with my back throughout the day and loved that I got a break from the discomfort when I laid down to sleep! The one I purchased zipped in two and I'm still using it months after my pregnancy as a nursing pillow!

I wish I had this list when I found out I was preggers with Ezra but I'm so thankful I nailed down the perfect pregnancy items for when I'm ready to go round two! Seriously apart from this, you won't need to purchase much more - except maybe midnight snacks! Good luck, Mama!

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