5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Restful

One thing my husband and I have felt we’ve mastered is making our room a resting place (yes, even with a 5 month old son). Sleep is something we hold very dear especially in this pandemic. Through a lot of trial and error over the years, I finally feel like my bedroom is the most restful place in the house. I’ll share with you five ways I made that possible!

Color Matters!

Ever heard of color psychology? It’s used widely in marketing and design! Certain colors tend to make you feel certain ways so believe it or not, the color you choose for your bedroom truly matters! White, blue and even some greens and evoke a sense of relief. If you feel you MUST have another color - like pink or yellow - just tone it down by using softer versions of the color. We have some blush tones in my room and it still feels serene.


Tidying up is one thing on its own but it is almost impossible to really keep things tidy when you have a surplus of ‘things’ you don’t need!

Sell what you don’t wear

Previously I used to hoard all of my clothing and accessories because, “What if I want to wear that one shirt I wore once again?” Realistically, you probably aren’t going to wear it again and you are going to stress yourself out with all those choices. A good rule of thumb is that if you are going to buy something new, get rid of something. Make getting rid of it more fun by making money off it!

With clothing, hats and shoes, I’ve had the most luck selling with 3rd party apps like Poshmark, DePop and Mercari. They take a small cut from the price you wish to sell for but you are going to get more than what you might at a consignment shop like Uptown Cheapskate or Plato’s Closet.

With jewelry, I actually found a gold buyer in Stone Mountain that will buy your gold, diamonds, jewelry and Rolex watches in any condition! Chapes-JPL has over 38 years experience in buying and appraising jewelry so you can count on them giving you a fair offer, easily making a visit to them 10x better than your local pawnshop.

Store mementos in a better place

So you just HAVE to keep that old picture of your grandma? Fine, I get that. I have a surplus of baby pictures of me and my husband or sweet mementos that our family have made for us. The best place for those things does not have to be your bedroom. Get it all together and store it in a safe place. I’ve kept mine in a large plastic bin in my office closet but even an attic, basement or garage would suffice.

Trash it!

Can’t sell it and it’s not actually important? Trash it! You wouldn’t believe how freeing it is to throw away that old scarf your mom bought you for Christmas 5 years ago that you felt too bad to tell her you hated it so you kept it. We’ve all done it.

Adjust the Lighting

Lighting can really make or break a space. In the bedroom, I’d recommend replacing your overhead light bulbs with LED soft white light bulbs. They give off a light that isn’t too bright nor too dark, giving your room a more calming ambiance.

Invest in your bed

Your mattress matters! This is one thing that I’d generally recommend going in the store with your partner and laying on every single mattress you see. Choose something you both love and invest in the extra cost.

I’d even take that a step further and say invest in your bedding! Get the extra thread count! Get the temperature moderating comforter! Your future sleeping self with thank you.

Ditch the devices

In my opinion, this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Take the television out of your bedroom and put the phones away. My husband and I give ourselves a ‘bedtime’ when it’s time to head to the bedroom and put away the phone. That entertainment can be easily replaced with reading a book or a good wholesome conversation with your significant other.

Take these five tips and transform your bedroom into your relaxing oasis. These seem like such simple tasks but trust me when I say you will literally feel the difference.

Ashton Forzley

Your avid reading, writing, thrill-seeking local enthusiast. When I'm not at home being a mother or styling, catch me on the trails or in a tavern. I'm the force behind a Forz of Nature.

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