6 Ways You Should Be Spoiling Your Fur Babies

We have all had them. Those mischievous, fun-loving and extra snugly fur babies. I have had my fair share of dogs and cats but currently have two little feline friends with huge personalities. Here you see them sun soaking in my son's crib, Rocket (left) and Pip (right). Now they may look like quite the rascals (and they are) but I assure you they are well loved. As a pet owner, I am always looking for ways to enhance quality of life for my fur babies and I am here to share with you the fruit of my research! Below you will find 6 ways that you too can spoil those four legged friends!

Yummy Food

First and foremost, let's love on our fur friends by giving them the best quality foods we can find! I went to a pet store with a friend once (no names) and she grabbed one of the fanciest looking bags of food with a pretty hefty price tag off the shelf. When I asked her what was so special about that food her response was, "If it costs more, it must be good". We later looked at the ingredients and were shocked to find that bag of food was packed with tons of unnecessary ingredients. If that taught me anything, it is that the price of the bag doesn't determine its contents. Or as some would say, "don't judge a book by it's cover"! When purchasing food now, I always check the ingredients and make sure they are words I know and that nothing bad is in my pet's diet!


Not all pets like clothing, mine especially don't, but in some circumstances they feel like a necessity! Ever wanted to take your pet across the country in the dead of winter only to find they are especially uncomfortable in the change of climate (COLD, freezing even - I'm from the southeast), in times like this a little vest to warm their core would make their experience much more enjoyable!

Another "clothing" staple for our pets is their daily wear - the infamous tag and collar. Now a collar should be comfortable for your pet, they ARE wearing it daily. My cats are mischievous little rascals so we put them in breakaway collars for their safety (no fun). There are padded collars and collars made of light material for the sweaty fur monsters. The tags are a whole other ball game, you can legitimately get them a tiny driver's license for their collar. The most important things to note here are: What is your pets name? Are they micro chipped? If they get lost, who is the contact? - These things will make sure your pet is always safe!

Cozy Living Situation

Home base is where our fur babies spend 95% of their time. This means we want what feels like home to us, even more so for them because they are there more! Really it is their home and we are just coming and going and feeding them as we go (in their eyes). My cats clearly make a home wherever they see fit but I promise you they have an ACTUAL bed. Our pets homes are made cozy by giving them some freedom and meeting their specific needs. If they are a chewer - chew toys. Scratcher? Scratch posts. Tons of toys, places to sun bathe and a distinct "restroom" area makes for a happy pet!

Grooming Services

"Pets groom themselves!" Yeah, yeah. I have heard it all before but pets do not give themselves haircuts, pedicures and smell like fresh laundry when they are finished. Do yourself (and your pet) a favor and hook them up once a month with a professional grooming. Think spa day but for your furry friend!

Give Them All the Snugs

You could give your pet all of the material things in the world but they will always desire that lap time with their owner. It is super easy to get caught up with our own lives that we forget that the best way to spoil our fur babies is to simply give them some snuggle time. I try to give my pets one on one loving at least once a day but they are really living the life when I cuddle them more than that. Spoiler Alert: they are ALWAYS living the life.

Honor Their Absence

It is no secret that the hardest part of being a pet owner is that often, we outlive them. Sometimes more than a few. It's heavy to think that in most cases, the life they spent with us is all they had but to us they are a few really memorable chapters. I might could argue that it the worst part of our great book is the many pets we love and let go of. The best thing we can do for our fur babies once they pass is make sure they are honored in their passing. A special place to lay their bodies and pet memorial plaques to remind us of the time they spent with us. I know of a place that has been in the business of making cast bronze and aluminum plaques since 1948! East Point Foundry is the place to go to for that lifetime reminder of your life-long fur friend!

Spoiling our pets is our favorite thing to do and a lot of times we run out of ways to drown them in love! Hopefully you found some great tips here for how to love them fully and wholeheartedly!

Ashton Forzley

Your avid reading, writing, thrill-seeking local enthusiast. When I'm not at home being a mother or styling, catch me on the trails or in a tavern. I'm the force behind a Forz of Nature.

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