8 Tools Every DIYer Needs

So you want to get into DIY (do it yourself)? Congrats! You are taking the first step into financial freedom in home renovation and hobbying. On top of freedom financially, doing projects big and small will make you feel powerful - because you ARE. A small project leads to a bigger more challenging one and next thing you know - you’ll be framing houses! Today, I’m going to tell you the tools I have found to be the most useful in all things DIY!

Safety first!

Before we dive into tools, I’d like to remind you guys to be aware of the tools you are using and how to operate them safely. Every tool is different but you can’t go wrong by having these items at your arsenal: Safety Goggles, Gloves, Face Mask. Always remember to tie back your hair and not to wear baggy clothing while operating with tools!

Now let’s dive in!

1. Drill/ Driver Combo

This is something you may already have and will become your greatest tool. Why? Because you will use them on EVERY project - no joke. How else would you drill holes or plant screws? If you don’t already have a set then let this be the first tool you buy for yourself and make sure you invest in a good one!

This is the set I have:

2. Orbital Sander

There are many different sanders you can own - corner sanders, plane sanders or orbital sanders. The orbital sander is by far the best and most versatile sander you can use! I’ve used mine to sand down project chairs to my mantel to even bigger projects like my kitchen cabinets! Like your drill driver combo - get a good one!

This is the one I have:

3. Multi Tool

Speaking of sanders, who needs a corner sander when you have a multi tool? This is by far my favorite tool and it wears many faces! You can use it to sand in tight corners, cut under trim, saw into smaller areas, round off edges and MANY OTHER USES. Excuse my excitement because once you have the two tools above, this will most likely become your next favorite as well!

This is the one I have:

4. Brad Nailer

A nail gun. Now if you want to get real crazy, you could invest in an air compressor/ nail gun set BUT honestly a portable nail gun is so much simpler (especially if you are only doing projects around the house). Brad nails are much smaller nails than your average flat head nail you are used to seeing but they are still very powerful!

This is the one I have:

5. Jigsaw

You are ready to make small cuts? A jigsaw can do that! It’s great for small cuts or even more intricate cuts in a bigger project - think cutting out the hole to drop your kitchen sink in. Pretty neat right? You’ll be surprised how often you reach for this one!

This is the one I have:

6. Miter Saw

Now you are getting into the bigger cuts. Trust me when I say: after your multi tool, this is going to be your next love. This saw is best for cutting down long pieces of wood to the size you need. You can adjust your angle and even cut beveled edges. These saws come in different sizes and I would recommend getting one of the bigger ones so you can cut boards that are a bit wider!

This is the one I have:

7. Table Saw

This is your next step up from a miter saw. In order to do much bigger projects without having to work your way around it you can cut the exact pieces you need with a table saw. If you are like me, you might be most excited about being able to cut long beveled edges AND making dado cuts in a board which leads to even bigger projects - think kitchen cabinets or pantry shaker doors!

This is the one I have:

8. Panel Saw

Now you are pulling out the big guns. You don’t have to be a master of tools to be able to figure out a panel saw. Have you ever been to Home Depot or Lowes and grabbed a huge piece of plywood but had to wait on an employee to have it cut to the size you needed. That’s already an annoying process but then you get it home and it isn’t even cut the way you asked? If you want something done correctly you gotta do it yourself, right? Well, that tool you see the employees using to cut your larger lumber is called a panel saw and it is a great investment for your shop! Saw Trax is a company based out of Atlanta, GA and has the most competitive prices I’ve seen yet for a vertical panel saw, making it an easy decision to get one for myself!

You Are a Tool Master

When you have these 8 tools, you can do anything. You can officially call yourself a woodworker a master of tools (even the masters are always learning). Don’t feel pressured to get all of your tools at once - that is a lot. I purchased all of my tools within a full year and I’m still not done collecting what I want! That aside, you’ll also want to have a few basic hand tools like a tape measure, level, hammer, mallet and screwdriver. Always remember SAFETY FIRST and welcome to the world of DIY!

Ashton Forzley

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