How To Host A Party Everyone Wants To Attend

Are you hosting your first party? Or are you a regular host? Either way, read on to see how to throw the party that EVERYONE will be talking about!

Hosting a party is no easy feat. Especially not for those of us who tend to be perfectionists about things. We want everyone to come over and enjoy themselves to the fullest extent and sometimes tend to overthink every little detail! I'm gonna break down the best party advice I have into 5 categories - it's that simple! Follow along to get all the insider advice on how i throw a successful party every time?

The Environment Matters!

Whether you are hosting in your home, in your backyard or somewhere else entirely - the environment matters! This can mean anything from how clean the space is to the overall aesthetic. We just recently hosted my son's first birthday party in my backyard. It was mostly family and since Reid and I are the only family to have babies so far - it was mostly adults. We took that into account when deciding how to decorate for the party and it quickly changed from a one-year-old celebration to a "WE MADE IT A YEAR" parent celebration. The yard got a good deep clean, weeds were pulled, porch was washed. Then we decorated in a way that appeased our older audience. Threw some rugs down, pillows and candlesticks (all things we already owned) then added a pallet table and cute table setting and people took note. It is all in the details!

Good Food

We aren't talking a full course meal here - unless of course that is the kind of party you are hosting - we are simply talking thoughtful food choices. Don't just throw out some chips and prepackaged dip and say, "we good". When planning your food choices, think timing as well. When I host an event I like to pick in between times (like 3 or 4) so that it is a snack time and not a full meal time. Ain't nobody got time to feed the mouths of 20 adults and 3 children (not me anyways). If you are going to host an event at 12PM, then have a meal prepared that will act as your guests lunch, otherwise you will have people trying to leave early to eat or WORSE eating all your food before other guests have a chance to grab a bite. At my most recent party (hosted at three) we had finger sandwiches and assorted fruits and dip. IT was the perfect filling snack table!


Not every party is an alcohol party but if there are adults there, chances are it wouldn't hurt. Alcohol can get pretty expensive so, first of all, there is no shame in saying BYOB. Any time we host a barbeque with friends we are sure to tell them to bring their own adult beverages! BUT if you are hosting a more established event and want to provide all the goods, my go-to is a mimosa bar! Who doesn't love mimosas?! Plus you can get $7 bottles of champagne and remove the label so no one has to know they are drinking Cooks and not the finest bottle on the market (PRO TIP).


Is any party really a party without games? If you are hosting something in relation to sports - the game IS the game. Game night? All the fun board games in the world ARE the game. Backyard party? Try cornhole or a mega game of Jenga - build your own here! There are so many ways to make games happen and no better way to grab the attention of all your friends. My and my husbands all time favorite party trick is the pool table. Nothing like some good friendly competition. We love the Olhausen Coronado Pool Table from Absolute Billiard Services that is pictured above!

Keep the Conversation Flowing

Arguably the most important aspect of a successful party is authentic, flowing conversation. A lot of this happens naturally when you bring people together but sometimes conversations go stale. A few ways to make sure that conversation keeps going is to do what you do best - host. Oh yeah, that means you can't 100% get lost in your own party. You have to be the person budging into every conversation, queing up the next topic and then bouncing on the next little group. Truly an introverts worst nightmare. Good thing when we are the host, we get to call when the party is over!

If you didn't already, hopefully now you know you have ALL you need to host the best party! If that is what you are going for, of course.


Ashton Forzley

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