Not Your Typical Self-Care Strategies

We all do self care every now and then. Who doesn't love a good hot bath or pedicure but how well do we actually take care of ourselves on the daily? The original form of self-care - actually taking care of ourselves! In this blog I'm going to remind you of those boxes you should be checking on the regular to make sure you are your best self!

Skin, Hair & Nails

We have all bought a bottle of Biotin only to ultimately give up on it and leave it in the back of our medicine cabinet, am I right? There are other - MORE FUN - ways to pamper ourselves here! Invest in quality skincare. It took me about two years to get a skincare routine that worked for me. It does not have to happen overnight but it is 100% important. Our body is our temple! I'll be honest, though, my hair routine isn't quite as lavish. Hair is so fickle and different for everyone so do what's best for you! My hair had a lot of breakage and oils so I wash it twice a week and threw out my heat tools... it has been healthy ever since! Now, NAILS, treat yourself to more than just a pedicure every now any then. Moisturize your hands, oil those cuticles and actually cut your nails regularly! These are just the external parts of us - there is so much more to self-care than our physical appearance.

Dental, Vision and Physical Health

When is the last time you went to your dentist? Had your eyesight tested? Had a regular check-up with a physician? These professional visits we like to avoid are so important in our overall health and, you know, self-care.


TAKE CARE OF THAT SMILE HUNNY! I just started having biannual visits to my dentist recently and I am telling you, I found out more about my mouth than I could have ever imagined. Surprisingly, I didn't have cavities but I did learn that since I had dental fillings as a kid there is now fillings that match your teeth. I had a mouth full of silver but found out you can get these dental fillings in Decatur, GA at the Metro Decatur Dental Group PC! I imagine there are a few places that will do this but they are one of Georgia's top ranked. Aside from that I also learned how to treat my bleeding gums and they have been so healthy since!


Fun fact: I am partially blind and I had NO IDEA until I went to get my driver's license and couldn't read the vision test. Do you experience headaches or random blurriness? Maybe you have to squint really hard to read a sign across the room? Whether you do or not, definitely see a professional so you can figure it out sooner than later. PLUS glasses are super on trend right now.

Physical Health

Now when is the last time you got a normal check up by a Physician? I'm not talking about your gynecologist - we all do that - I am talking about primary care! There are so many benefits to get a regular check up that aren't just to reduce your risk of getting sick. They can monitor and detect potentially life-threatening diseases or health conditions early and increase your lifespan!

Exercise & Nutrition

This is actually my area of expertise. With a BS in Kinesiology, I could talk your ear off about exercise and nutrition but I will keep it simple. Try to make healthy choices when you are grocery shopping. Healthier decisions here and there will overall develop into a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle. Strict diets are your one way trip to failure so it is important to keep yourself open to eat the sweets. Also Listen to your body! Your body will tell you when it needs sodium or needs sugar, indulge yourself. The same with exercise, listen to your body. Take it easy when you need to. Stretch. Just get your body moving doing things you love! Hiking, biking, walking your dog. Going to the gym is great if you want to define your muscles, just be sure to keep that relationship with the gym light and airy!

Mental Health

Arguably the most important self-care is taking care of your mind. Mental health has been such a stigma but the truth is it is more common to deal with mental health issues than we know! Personally, seeing a therapist is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Learning how to break down my thoughts and pin point negative thought processes have helped me to experience the world in a much brighter light, making me significantly happier than I could have ever imagined! You don't have to have a psychological disorder to care about your mental health. Protect your mind.

Now that we have gone through all of these not-so-fun but oh-so-important self-care strategies, it's time to create a ROUTINE! Routines are the best way to keep consistent! Go ahead and set up appointments and make a grocery list and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!


Ashton Forzley

Your avid reading, writing, thrill-seeking local enthusiast. When I'm not at home being a mother or styling, catch me on the trails or in a tavern. I'm the force behind a Forz of Nature.


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