Often Forgotten but Ever Important: Security

No we aren't talking about your personal security but the security of our home. We all know it, most of us have it but do any of us really take it that additional step forward? We never expect a package to be stolen from our porch or a break in or something even worse. Most often we don't let our minds go there. "We live in the safest neighborhood," we tell ourselves and while that may be true, the risk is still there. Personally, it took having something stolen from my porch that was really important to realize just how much I needed to care about our home security (disclaimer: we live in a safe neighborhood). These situations can be easily avoided by understanding our home security system, keeping it up to date and knowing which upgrades are worth having! In this blog I will touch base on upgrades that can be made to enhance your home security. Look at it as a chance to feel more informed and then take it to decide whats best to protect your home and your family.

Get The Cameras

Crazy, right? To think I have to say how important cameras are. They will be your saving grace when it comes to break ins or stolen items. With cameras, you'll know who entered your home and may be able to salvage what was stolen! Now if you already have the cameras but they aren't great quality or maybe you've noticed some fogging on the lens. There is definitely a way to fix that as well without needed to replace the entire camera! This company, Criterion Technology, Inc , actually makes high definition, 4k compatible, molded windows for your security needs! They use highly durable poly-carbonate, acrylic and nylon making them one of the best choices I've found for injection molding in the USA! Now if it isn't the visual aspect of an installed camera giving you issues then it may be time to replace them.

The best places to have cameras installed would be: front porch (or doorbell if you fancy), where your cars are parked, then one in the back and front yards. You could also have cameras inside but that isn't very necessary unless you always have people in your home.

Go Smart

Security systems have become increasingly capable of becoming smart systems. Believe it or not, you don't always have to replace your entire system to get this capabilities! Gaining control of your home from anywhere via your smartphone is as simple as updating your panel board! Even if your system is ancient (I'm talking 10+ years), chances are it will still work great with an updated panel board!

After you have an upgraded panel board then you may want the keyboard to match. Our holder home systems with tiny buttons and a flip plate are super outdated and honestly tough to use. Keyboards now have touch screens and more customization, making them easier to operate for our generation!

Now the last step you can take to make your home security system 'smart' is to add smart door locks! A lot of times these locks can be made open or closed with ease from your smart phone. There are also options that have a keypad for code access if that is your preference. Whatever you choose, you'll rest easy knowing these locks will not be easily "picked" by a potential thief!

Go Wireless

Were you even aware that most older security systems were connected via phone lines? How old school is that?! If phone lines were down and you had an intruder you'd be SOL. Now days you can eliminate that risk by going wireless! This means that when your alarm goes off (if it ever were to) then the signals would be relayed via cell phone towers! This not only updates your system to, you know, today's time but makes it much safer for your family!

Taking these steps to upgrade your security system will give you that peace of mind to REALLY leave a package on your porch and to sleep safely. I hope this blog brought light to some aspects of home security that you did not already know and you feel better prepared to update your system!

Ashton Forzley

Your avid reading, writing, thrill-seeking local enthusiast. When I'm not at home being a mother or styling, catch me on the trails or in a tavern. I'm the force behind a Forz of Nature.

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