Designing Ezra's Nursery

My mindset going into this design process was, first, budget - we wanted to pour as little money into the room as possible. Second, who would be spending the most time in the room? If you guessed me - *DING DING* - you'd be correct. Ezra's first six months of sleep would be beside our bed in his bassinet, so he really wouldn't see the room aside from diaper changes and bedtime stories. We didn't know his gender before he was born, and it's not like he would know it if I did a "themed" room, so I went the "I'm gonna design this room for ME" route.

Check out what I saw when I first walked into the room:

Doesn't scream NURSERY does it? Well, I like a challenge. I was really set on this room because of the little cutout where the desk was. All I could imagine there was a floating bench for a little book nook. The other added plus was the half bath. I knew we were doing cloth diapers so I felt it would be convenient to set up a spray station in the bathroom but also who wouldn't want their kid to poop in a separate room?

D.I.Y Book Nook

After the less fun stuff - pulling up carpet, patching holes, painting walls - my dad came into town to help execute my book nook vision! We measured the opening in Ezra's room and got a piece of layered plywood from Home Depot. We found one that had a beautiful, stainable pine wood on top and cut it to our measurements. Once the build and staining was complete, I found baskets to fit under the space, pillows to make it cozier and added a locker in that corner for extra storage. My one piece of advice I'd share here is to find your baskets first, and build your bench around it. It took a lot of effort to find baskets perfect for mine! The last thing my book nook needed was shelves. Originally I had intended to buy some from Ikea but COVID-19 had different plans, #quarantine. So I built some from scrap wood and WALA the coziest book nook was born.

Ezra's Crib

I was really loving the 'black iron bed' trend and wanted to incorporate that into the nursery so i searched literally everywhere and found this price-friendly gem on Amazon. I dug deep into reviews on this one because I wanted to be sure it would be safe for the baby. I wanted the room to inspire feels of nature but also radiate simplicity. So, I used some vintage paintings and mirrors that I already had on hand and played around with them to create a gallery wall above the crib. This would just be for 'STAGE 1' of the nursery, where I'm spending most of the time in the room but as the baby grows I knew I would want to eventually take the pictures down so his grabby hands wouldn't knock them off the wall. The literal cherry on top for the crib space was the mobile. I had been oogling this mobile from Holistic Habitat for months, but it had been sold out. I'd almost bought another, but I got the notification it was in stock and bought it instantly. The crib space was actually perfect after this.

Pillows, faux fur and kitty cat tail are just photo props.

Changing Station

This is where I'd be spending the most time, lets be honest, so I wanted it to be my favorite part of the room. I already had plenty of storage with the closet and lockers, so I felt like it was safe to go for a smaller changing table. The wall it would be on really couldn't handle much wider of a dresser, anyway. With my kind of vintagey-nature theme, I felt like I could really pull off the basket trend in this room. So, I did the research, and found Design Dua. I loved their conscious effort to care for the environment and how they fairly pay their weavers in Africa - and mostly how freaking cute their baskets were! I found a bassinet and changing basket set that wasn't an exact match to each other - they were perfect! I added a mirror behind the changing pad to bring light to that side of the room and a shelf to conveniently hold what was obviously not gonna fit on the tiny dresser. Top it off with a vintage painting and the entire room felt complete.

Ezra's nursery was such a fun project. I love everything in the room and what it represents. I think it's super important to design a nursery that brings you joy. Those first couple of weeks are tough. Really, and I can thank my nursery for a few feel-good moments. It felt serene. It felt - me.

Ashton Forzley

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