Steps You Should be Taking to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Area

With a global pandemic going on, we’ve been spending far too much time inside. There is lots of Netflix and fast food delivery and not enough fresh air which gives me the perfect excuse to tell my husband why we need a back patio upgrade! I have already done some digging into what we will need to do to revamp our outdoor living area and I’m going to take you guys through a step-by-step guide so that you can too!

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot

Step One - Start With a Blank Canvas

Maybe you are already there but if not, throw away all of the nasty furniture you never use and tear down that rotting deck. It’s time to invest in a concrete pour for a patio or better decking! I just found this amazing company based out of Atlanta, Brazilian Wood Depot that sells high quality decking that doesn’t rot. My favorite thing they do is EDUCATE! They give you the facts you need to know about real wood decking and how to take care of it. The variety of wood they offer is second to none, making it a popular company to hire to help you create the deck of your dreams as well as quality wood. Their hardwood is insect and fire resistant which makes it very appealing to homeowners.

Step Two - Furnish, Make It Cozy

If there is one thing I have learned as a serial re-decorator it is only buy things you truly love. Don’t spend money to fill up a space but invest in pieces that you can enjoy forever! That means if you want that huge outdoor sectional that is $200 out of your budget, then save for it. Don’t go buying something else as a placeholder. GET THAT SECTIONAL. Then cozy it up with things like a furnace table or fairy lights, outdoor plants or even pillows! You’d be surprised what small details can do to really glam up a space.

Image: Target

When searching for outdoor furniture, think conversational pieces. So yes a sectional is good but even chair sets or a couch and coffee table situation allows for guest interaction and really ups your cozy factor. I found some of the best deals on full conversation sets from everyone's favorite - Target, but also Wayfair and believe it or not At Home!

Step Three - Add Outdoor Activities!

Yes, seating is so important but when people can come around again, we are gonna want to show off this new outdoor oasis. A grill and a wet bar is just the first of many outdoor activities you can add to host guests. Take it a step further, use your new space to nourish your body, add a garden! For the kids, cornhole and maybe even a sandbox. Take into account the needs of your family and meet those needs in your backyard! So use my family for example, my husband likes to cook and my son is pretty young. Then there is me, I really only care about the pretty factor. When we sat down and planned our yard we decided an outdoor kitchen is a must and a play area for Ezra (my son); I would be happy with designing the space alone but for future enjoyment we will cycle out a floral garden! That's my family, what does your family enjoy and how can you make the best use of this space?

Step Four - Enjoy

Just imagine it now, you are lounging back with your feet rested next to the fire pit and a book in hand. Your partner is grilling up something nice, probably on skewers, and the kids are in the background playing - that would be music to my ears all on it’s own. Enjoy this new space however you please but take peace in knowing that sitting outside will be so much better for your health than sitting behind the screen indoors!

If you don’t have an eye for these things - admittedly I do not - I definitely recommend using Pinterest as a source of inspiration! I have found so many gorgeous outdoor spaces that I love through that platform and I plan to tweak them a bit and make them my own. Another great resource, if inspiration isn’t enough and you want the whole space designed for you, look into Yardzen. They will virtually design your entire outdoor space for you based on your family's needs - pretty neat! Thank me later when you are cozied up in your new outdoor oasis!

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