Sunrise Mural: Insider Deets

Saw that cutie sunrise mural I did in Ezra's room did ya? The biggest reason I decided on a mural for behind his crib is because it's SAFE! Maybe even one of the safest ways you can decorate behind your crib! Before I had photos up and as he gets older, I just felt that wasn't the best move before switching him to his crib. The other decision-making reason I chose to paint a mural is because you really can't beat the price! To completely transform his room, I paid less than $60! For a quickly growing and changing kid, it feels like a waste to spend a ton of money on a room that will go through many changes with many stages!

The Inspiration

It all started with a Pinterest search. Well really, an idea and THEN a Pinterest search. My idea was that I wanted it to still be a room that brings joy when you walk into it - best way to do that for me? NATURE. So I searched all things nature related and came across this sun over mountain mural (photo doesn't belong to me). I'm no artist but I figured - heck, even I can draw some squiggly lines. Then It was to the drawing board and I had a general idea what would actually go on the wall.

So many colors! How to choose?!

We all know that low key anxious feeling we get when we stand in front of the paint sample wall looking for one color, can you imagine me looking for five?! Luckily, I prepped myself before going in. I knew I wanted primarily warm tones but I wanted to add cooler tones to add a teeny bit of depth. I started with pink and gold and then challenged myself not to think to hard about it! I grabbed three other colors that spoke to me pretty instantaneously and still looking at the finished product, I couldn't be happier. I did have to get two color choices color-matched so I'll share below the colors I ACTUALLY chose (left) and the colors I used (right).

The Finished Product

I definitely recommend drawing it out on a piece of paper before putting it on the wall. Find where you want your colors to be before you paint it real big. You'd hate to have to repaint because you don't love the way the colors look together! I used a yard stick and level to get a perfect rectangle in the center of the wall I was painting, then used painters tape and white paint to seal it - that way I wouldn't need to touch up afterwards. It was pretty last minute that I decided I wanted to paint above Ezra's changing table too. That was a fun surprise! Hope you guys love it as much as we do!

OH! One last thing, I actually LOVE the wipeable changing pad so so much better than the changing basket. It was pretty to look at but it seemed my boy pooped all over it any moment he could!

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