Your One Stop Guide to Hardwood Flooring

Maybe you have shag carpet straight out of the 70s or maybe you are looking to refinish your already installed hardwood floors (like me), no matter the reason I have found your saving grace! I'm going to share this company and the services they provide but first I want to give you a little backstory. I purchased my first home in February of 2020 and it came with hardwood floors installed throughout but unfortunately they weren't taken care of and have a ton of damage. Me being quite the impatient renovator, decided to take matters into my own hands -literally. I got on my hands and knees trying to sand down the hardwood in my dining room and realized pretty fast that it was a job that needed to be hired out.

I understand that we aren't all DIY flops like me but if you look closely in the picture above you'll see the strip of floor that I tried sanding down on my own. Doing it myself left my floors in that area scratched up and uneven. If you find yourself in the same predicament or you don't even want to get to that point, let me introduce you to my favorite discovery to DATE - TriArt Hardwood Floors - Atlanta. This is obviously a more local-to-me option but if you are in or around the area TriArt Hardwood Floors does design build hardwood floors in Atlanta! The company is equipped with some of the best trained, experienced installation and refinishing technicians in the business and they are certified to do so.

One Stop Shop

Hardwood Installation

Their professional installers are put to good use with quality tools and materials. They think of everything from your desired design to the right environment conditions for installation and level of moisture. I mean- who thinks of this stuff? Certainly not me! This is a great option if you are looking to invest in flooring that will last a lifetime and you don't already have hardwoods in your home!

Hardwood Sanding & Refinishing

This one is for those of you like me, you have the floors but they are not in the best condition. They start with your old flooring and help you with any decisions - like color choice. They think of EVERYTHING. I'm talking sanding that first coat down to color to protection of the floors and of the room itself. When I sanded my floors down on my own, I did not cover a thing up and I am still finding dust in places. They have dust containment systems that work and before and afters that are seriously impressive.

Hardwood Stairs

I don't have stairs in my home but I can honestly not even imagine what a pain it would be to lay hardwood on a staircase. They do it all from stair treads, risers, handrails, spindles to landings and on top of that repairs!

Hardwood Repairs

TriArt will come to your home to take note of all the information they need to do a repair whether it is something quite small or if it is a bit more extensive. The smaller repairs can be something as simple as fixing a pet stain or small scratches and the bigger repairs can be as wild as restoring your floors from flooding or bringing back historical value.

I was not lying when I said this would be a one stop guide to hardwood floors. You guys know I only share information about companies that I truly believe in and this is one of them. Maybe it took the massive fail of me trying to refinish my own hardwood floors to realize it but taking on the task of hardwood floors is a big one! The best way to minimize errors and make the best use of your money and time is to hire it out. The owner of TriArt Hardwood Floors, Hugo Simoes said it best, "Savvy people know that when it comes down to hardwood floors, the cheapest option may end up costing them more, much more. If you are looking for beautiful hardwood floors that complement your home’s design and stand the test of time, with a guaranty of complete satisfaction, you have come to the right place." If you are in and around the Atlanta area, I do not see you going wrong by investing in this company!

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